5 Benefits for Mobile-Friendly Ecommerce Website Builders

Over the past decade, smartphones have captured the entire market. In 2013, it was reported that 54 percent of Americans own a smartphone and 25 percent own a tablet.

Nine years later, tablets alone have outnumbered personal computers. That’s why e-commerce companies need to care for their cell phone users.

Creating a separate version for smartphone, users will find an e-commerce store compatible with mobile devices. However, this practice has nowadays become obsolete.

E-commerce store builders are great for startups and new businesses, giving you a simple platform to showcase your products. Moreover, they offer SEO-friendly features to get organic traffic from buyers who use their mobile devices to increase engagement and sales.

Here are the benefits that you can enjoy in creating a responsive online store with this powerful e-commerce website builder:

Search engines prefer mobile-friendly stores

Google prefers a mobile-friendly site in its search results. So if your website isn’t optimized for smartphones, you won’t find it when potential customers search for products or services on Google.

Bing, and other search engines also prefer websites that respond with rankings. So why does every search engine pick mobile-friendly websites? Because a responsive website puts the user experience first.

The mobile-friendly website will fit perfectly on your smartphone screen. It will be easy to read, use and navigate. Instead, users will have difficulty reading and navigating the content if they have a desktop layout on a smartphone screen.

Cost savings

Responsive websites are cheaper than mobile websites. Responsive website design costs less and does not require additional development work. You have to make sure that your content is readable on all devices.

Websites that respond to ROI will always win out with the adaptive design. If you have a custom design, your website has two different layouts. You’ll need to make two changes when you update your site or add a new feature.

A lot of money and time will be invested in building and maintaining the stores. Depending on the platform you build your store on, these costs can pile up to thousands per month.

To save such costs and time, switch to a one-size-fits-all theme. These designs offer an excellent user experience on all devices regardless of screen resolution and size. Moreover, you will have little work to maintain and code, saving money and time.

Best site speed

The best way to make sure your website loads fast is to create a mobile-friendly website. Then, your customers can wait a few seconds before seeing what your product or service has to offer. Customers always do not prefer to stay for a longer duration.

Time is money, so every second counts in the e-commerce world. According to research, half of the internet users take about 6 to 10 seconds to load a website. If you serve mobile users through a desktop site, it will load many useless resources on the mobile phone, significantly increasing loading time.

The lagging store will cost you potential customers and conversions. Not only do these websites lead to lower revenue, but also poor SEO performance. This is because search engine bots may not load your entire store for indexing purposes.

Responsive websites solve this problem by optimizing image size and other factors such as text boxes, menus, etc. This optimization will improve site speed, traffic, conversions, and SEO.

Competitive advantage

First, having a mobile-friendly store is nothing new. All of your competitors have already optimized their websites. If you don’t have a responsive website, you are at a disadvantage in ranking on SERP and bounce rate.

Secondly, if you use a website builder platform to create a store with a responsive design, you will be ahead of any competitor that doesn’t have it. It is because it gets higher rankings in SERPs than it does. A higher rank means more traffic and conversions.

Third, you have the best user experience. Since your site is optimized for mobile, smartphone users will find it more interesting.

For example, a hamburger menu is usually available on mobile rather than on desktop. The text size is also adjusted for better display on smaller devices. Other things like text field size have also been changed to fit the smartphone screen perfectly. All the above factors provide the best user experience that your customers will not go unnoticed. Therefore, you will see more customers and sales than your competitors.