5 Small Content Writing Mistakes You Should Avoid

The minor elements can mean the difference between success and failure in content marketing. Therefore, every writer or content maker needs to learn to recognize the little mistakes that are almost hard to come by.

Let’s look at trivial writing mistakes you should avoid in blog posts, social media content, and more. You will notice a considerable improvement in what appears to be a small change.

Mistake No. 1: Trying to be clever

There is a widespread misconception that good content must feel sophisticated and complex to have any value. While this style is excellent for some writing styles, it doesn’t work well for content writing. Writing to sell your work or product is different from writing for educational or literary purposes.

When it comes to writing content, you have to keep it simple. First, remember that when people browse websites, they are exposed to information overload. Therefore, readers must make quick decisions and browse many websites before finding what they need.

They don’t have time for smart typing, long pages of text, or jargon. Your best work consists of simple sentences, only three lines per paragraph. For example, write that you are talking directly to a friend. Writing like this is easy to read and helps people connect with your brand.

Mistake no. 2: Push content live too early

As you write your post, there is always room for improvement. So always wait a day or more before pressing the Publish button or submitting your copy to a guest publishing site.

You can analyze your writing better if you take a long break after writing and come back and read. In addition, you will find small ways to improve your writing and correct your mistakes.

So, always ensure a day between writing something and publishing it.

Mistake no. 3: Read work in your mind

But it isn’t easy to do this because our way of speaking and writing is different.

To test your work, read your blog post out loud. When you listen to yourself, you will find sentences that sound crooked and unnatural. Or you create very complex long sentences.

Reading your work aloud will help you pick up on awkward sentences and make your content flow easily.

Mistake no. 4: Regardless of your buyer’s journey

In sales and marketing, the journey from the customer’s realization of the problem to the purchase of the solution is represented by the customer’s journey framework.

It consists of four parts; sometimes, a fifth part is included. When creating content, you must cover all the steps with suitable topics. Let’s take a quick look at the customers’ journey and how to view posts at each stage.

1. Awareness: 

A potential buyer is aware of their problem. For example, the employer is concerned with the productivity of the employee. Therefore, they may use keywords like “low employee productivity” in their searches. In this step, you can create posts on topics such as “10 Factors That Reduce Your Work Productivity”.

2. Thought: 

In this stage, the buyer seeks a way to solve his problem. They can find things like “how to track work.” Next, you will create a post with a title around it. Examples include “Seven Reasons Why Tracking Employee Productivity is important.”

3. Resolution: 

Your buyer needs a time or productivity tracking tool and is looking for specific solutions. To help them, you can post like “9 Best Time Trackers for 2022”.

4. Action: 

Here, the buyer will pay attention to the product details, for example, pricing, consolidation, and more. In addition, it is an opportunity to write in detail about the features and sell them directly through your blog post.

The point is that you shouldn’t self-promote in all of your posts. Instead, you must remember the customer in your writing; an effective way to do that is to think of the buyer’s journey.

Irregular content creation

If you need the benefits of content marketing, you must create great content and regularly create new content. You can post something new every week or month – consistency is essential.

Posting new content shows that your business is active and thriving. Your content will also generate positive signals to search engines.

A pro tip is to set up a content calendar and use social media management tools. These tools help you plan what you want to write and share in an organized way. In addition, you will be able to document your work and keep track of what you have created.

Back to you

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