7 Ways to Increase Content ROI: Marketing for Accounting Firms

When trying to be different on social media, it doesn’t mean you should throw away the towel. Alternatively, here are seven things you can do to maximize your company’s content strategy to generate leads, increase brand awareness, and increase your SEO.

Let’s get it right.

Choose one or two social media channels and design content for them

For example, if you want to encourage a webinar, use your company’s most effective social media platforms and boost it there. It reduces your need to promote everything everywhere. But, where can you find that information? Check your website’s platform or analytics to see which one is more effective for you. (You will be surprised!)

Update Powerhouse content regularly

Review green content, such as a guide or brochure, can be used over the years but will need to be modified to keep it updated. No complete redesign is required. Make sure to correct the issue date each time the document is updated. Keep the same file name so you don’t miss out on your previous search engine optimization (SEO) metrics.

Continue promoting

There is no hard as well as fast rule to promoting new content. However, if you have something that is still relevant and resonates with your audience, keep promoting it.

Perception is important

While creating content, remember that it just has to be better than your competition. Epic content is excellent and can boost your website. However, if every piece of content you create is epic, takes a long time to design, and is costly, you lose the value of your ROI. This is the reason. Customers see your content compared to other parts they find. If you optimize your content, customers won’t differentiate your efforts.


To cut down on diving into the organic post-rich all the time, you’ll need to spend a little money marketing to your target audience. But, you don’t even have to spend hundreds of dollars. Instead, use a mix of organic and paid posts to increase reach and engagement and dive into your best social channel.

Optimize your marketing funnel

When creating content, does an opportunity begin to move leads into your sales funnel? If not, you waste time, energy, and money.

How to do it? See the section below?


If you don’t measure the ROI for each content, there’s no way to know what works and doesn’t or your best type. Monitor it to create the most effective content your audience will love.

Optimize your content sales funnel

You have created the content and placed it on your website. You may have also shared some social media posts to get attention. However, did you stop there? If so, you should read this.

Here’s how to improve your content funnel and sprinkle it on pizza.

Ensure complete meta tags for each piece of content, including title, description, and keywords. If it’s a written piece like a blog, add links to other content on the website or other platforms. For example, if you share audit tips, link them to other auditing materials you have, or better yet, a webinar registration form.

Create content based on business goals and topics shared throughout the year. For example, if you are hosting a webinar in March, create a replay landing page. Be sure to place a form on that page to collect visitor data. Then, if the content is still relevant, promote the reboot throughout the year.

Add a call to action to each item you create. It can be as simple as “Call us if you have any questions.” But also include more active CTA statements, such as, “Want more about this topic, sign up for our next educational webinar.” Remember to include a link to the registration form.

Create a more significant element out of smaller bits and upgrade the Ultimate Guide. The guide includes links to other content and a call to action that the person may need to reach or contact for more information.

You might wonder why creating content is such a great job with all these moving parts. Easy. Other than that, your audience doesn’t know that you exist.

Now that you have a plan, look at the content you already have and find out how you can improve it and make it work more for your company.