Benefits Of Implementing A Data Entry Virtual Assistant In Your Workflow

What is a virtual assistant for data entry?

Data entry virtual assistant is an experienced independent contractor who handles various data entry tasks from a remote location for a company, executive, or entrepreneur. The main responsibilities of these experts include:

  • Entering data into the company’s CRM from multiple sources
  • Resolving all types of data discrepancies.
  • Ensuring that company documents remain complete, accurate, and secure.

What does a virtual assistant do for data entry?

The exact responsibilities of a data entry virtual assistant depend on the employer’s and business’s needs. However, these virtual assistants generally provide online and offline data entry services, products, accounting, insurance, and logistics.

Here are the most common tasks companies outsource to data entry virtual assistants:

Data Governance 

While it is important to have a data management framework, it is equally important for team members to focus on their primary responsibilities. The best example is the marketer who devotes more time to data entry than researching and developing effective strategies. Data entry virtual assistant frees your employees from the usual tasks of managing and processing data. Instead, they will manage the various stages of data management – from data collection to verification.

Data entry and processing  

If the data in the weekly report is incorrect, customer information is incorrect, or the list is missing, it can seriously impact your business. For this reason, you need data entry experts to efficiently manage your company’s database, update it with new entries, and manage it. Data Entry assistants will store the data, filter out unnecessary information, convert the existing data properly and keep it for future reference.

Data Review and Analysis 

The data entry assistant checks data entry for accuracy and relevance. In addition, they will collect and sort information, research data to complete company documents, and ensure data is secure. While strategic reporting is not their primary responsibility, it does help internal staff by accessing data sources and responding to data-related questions.

Transcription service

If you can’t find a virtual podcast assistant for a podcast interview or a case study interview for transcription, a virtual data entry expert can be a good transcriber. In addition, data entry experts have writing skills that can help you get the job done well.

Administrative functions

A virtual data entry expert can ensure the day-to-day coordinated operation of your business. Data Entry Virtual Assistant comes in handy, from managing daily expenses to inserting items into your calendar!

Job posting

 Whenever you want to post a job vacancy, you have a data entry virtual assistant at your fingertips. Data Entry Virtual Assistant can do the best-written job description for your organization. Writing a job detailing may seem easy, but trust us, research and balance are needed to attract the right candidate.

Management of staff and training records

Data Entry Virtual Experts can help you measure the effectiveness of your employees, help you create and prepare training materials, and complete surveys to gather feedback from your employees. By assigning these tasks to a virtual assistant, you can save the time and effort that would normally be spent training new employees.

Customer support

Data Entry Virtual Assistant can keep records, classify customer information, and interact with documents to track your customer activity. A data entry expert can also communicate when your customers want information about your products or services.


Invoicing can be monotonous and time-consuming, so having a data entry virtual assistant paying attention to details will help you save time. The data entry specialist has the skills to do the job well. Remember that it is important to bill the right customer for the right amount.

Save data in Excel

Excel is one of the tools of virtual assistants for data entry. Data Entry Expert can handle large amounts of data in Excel, which can help you process data in less time.

Protects your company records

Virtual Data Entry Assistant lets you maintain data about your customers, business partners, suppliers, and information related to your company.

Why emphasize “virtual assistants” for data entry?

When you add a data entry virtual assistant to your workforce, you don’t have to make provisions for the paid time, vacation, workers’ compensation, etc. They are hired on a contract basis and are not part of the employee payroll. You can hire them when the workload is heavy, and you find it difficult to meet deadlines. Using a data entry solution provider works in your favor as it will choose the best candidate for you. Outsourcing will help you reduce costs and save time.

How much does it cost to hire a Data Entry Virtual Assistant?

The cost of VA rental depends on the hiring company’s requirements, the scope of work, and the length of the project. The VA data entry salary will also depend on their qualifications, work experience, skills, and knowledge in the field.

Hiring a data entry VA is more lucrative than hiring a full-time employee for this role. While full-time employees work for a fixed salary regardless of the scope of work, most VAs are paid only for working hours.

Here are some other points for effective hiring of a virtual assistant:


More time to focus on business-critical tasks 

Data entry is seldom a day job. That is why most companies divide the data entry into different roles in the company. As a result, employees spend 2 to 6 hours or more each week on data entry. This is almost a full-day job for every team member; they pay for trivial and tedious tasks every week. Instead, outsource the data entry to a skilled virtual assistant and save your team time to focus on their core responsibilities and high-impact duties.

Access to Global Talent Pool

As data entry can be done remotely, you are not limited to your company’s geographical location and can hire from anywhere in the world. This allows you to outsource data entry to experienced assistants for a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time employee for the same job.

Zero overhead costs

The only cost associated with hiring a virtual assistant is your agreed-upon hourly rate. You do not need to provide office space and equipment or pay for benefits to full-time employees, such as PTO, sick leave, insurance, maternity leave, etc. Moreover, virtual assistants pay their taxes.

Expert tips on hiring virtual data entry assistants

Data Entry Virtual Assistant can be an invaluable asset to your business, but you can’t just hire the first virtual assistant you get. You will share sensitive company information with a virtual remote assistant, so you must ensure that the one you choose is accurate, competent, and reliable.

If you choose VA based on low cost alone, you may have to spend a lot in the long run. By removing the purpose of outsourcing these tasks, you need to manage them continuously in detail. Furthermore, any errors during data entry can have a severe negative impact on your business.

Things to look for while appointing the right data entry virtual assistant for your business.

1. Write a very specific job posting

 To describe a solid job, you need to explain the duties and responsibilities of that role in detail. Then, list the tasks you want to outsource and the skills, experience, and tools needed to accomplish the job well.

2. Test Candidates 

Do not hire virtual assistants based solely on their portfolio or profile. Cases are often embellished and do not accurately represent anyone’s potential. To eliminate doubts, test every candidate who has passed the initial screening. Interview aspiring candidates and ask many questions to assess their relevant skills and background. That way, you’ll be getting rid of people who aren’t right for your company

3. Automate the review of dozens of recruitment processes

Otherwise, hundreds of applications can be quickly overwhelmed, especially if the applications come from many different sources. You must respond to hundreds of emails asking the same transaction-related questions when evaluating each candidate. You can set up an automatic recruitment funnel to intercept the recruitment process from going amiss.


When you decide to assign your data entry needs, Virtual Assistant can not only save time but can also help you run your business smoothly. Hiring a virtual assistant for data entry is an investment in your industry. In addition to the skills and experience, a data entry assistant brings you peace of mind because you know that the tasks you leave on the table are properly taken care of. Furthermore, growth is possible because you have an up-to-date, concise, and clear database.