Outsourcing An E-Commerce Virtual Assistant Can Be Profitable for Small Businesses

There comes a point in your life when you want to focus on expanding and growing your small business. However, in the e-commerce business, it is difficult for just one person to stay on top, considering there are so many daily tasks to perform, especially as your company grows. In addition, dealing with retailers, online retailers, and various other markets can be annoying and confusing for an individual. Even if you wish to have additional assistance, you may not have the means to hire a full-time employee to assist you.

Remedy? While you are also focusing on expanding and expanding your business, hire a Virtual Assistant to help you manage your day-to-day operations.

So, how useful are virtual assistants for your business? Let us find out the pros of having a virtual remote assistant in your e-commerce business.

Who is the Virtual Assistant for E-Commerce?

A virtual remote assistant, or virtual assistant, is a person you appoint on a contractual basis to help you manage various business departments. Today, many small business owners choose virtual assistants instead of full-time employees because they are more efficient and affordable. For example, you pay them by the hour, while you can get more responsibility than an office worker.

Plus, you’ll be getting rid of clutter you don’t need, such as a bonus with the virtual remote assistant. Many popular publications, such as Forbes, have praised the functionality of virtual assistants for small businesses.

However, one of the great benefits of hiring a virtual assistant for your e-commerce business is the virtual assistant comes with experience and job training. As a result, you don’t have to invest much, whether it’s time, money, or resource, to make them ready for the job, and onboarding is much easier than traditional employees.

Tasks That You Can Outsource To The Virtual Assistant For E-Commerce

A potential remote assistant is usually experienced in e-commerce, and it can bring a lot to the table. Here are some functions that you can outsource to a virtual remote assistant.

Customer Service

Customer service is an important part of running an e-commerce business. However, the customer service department does not leave much room for you to do anything else. In addition, as a new business owner, you may have the necessary skills or experience to handle customer service carefully.

A virtual e-commerce assistant can handle customer inquiries and requests while focusing on the big picture operations of your business. You will get a lot of spare time for this reason, and a designated customer service representative will make your business look more professional.

Inventory Handling

Virtual assistants have excellent management skills and are highly qualified to handle organizational and business back-to-back tasks, such as inventory management.

Listing is the foundation of any e-commerce business, without which it cannot function properly. Therefore, it is very important to keep track of stock inventory and monitor it regularly. Virtual assistants usually have their proven inventory management system that they have acquired over the years, making them a priceless asset to your company.

Manage Returns And Exchanges

By hiring a virtual e-commerce assistant, you can ensure that your customers have a seamless experience of exchanges and returns.

From customer service to logistics tracking, you need to consider several factors to ensure that your customers receive their products on time.

Site Administration

In this digital age, your business is known by your website. Sometimes shopping can be a turning point for potential customers. In contrast, a boring and outdated website makes your work look inferior and unprofessional.

Therefore, your website needs to be updated regularly with relevant information and content. Blogs and new product images are a great way to make your website stand out, and a virtual assistant can help you with all of these aspects of website maintenance.

Blogging And SEO Content

As we mentioned in the previous issue, your website needs to be updated regularly. Blogging is a great way to do this.

Creating content related to your business gives your business a sense of credibility and establishes you as an industry expert. This raises the possibility that potential customers will buy from your company.

In addition, strategically placing targeted SEO keywords in your blog can naturally help increase search engine rankings and gain new customers. Finally, a virtual assistant with relevant marketing experience can help make your blog stand out on the Internet.

Logistics Handling

As a small e-commerce business selling products online, your business needs to have a lot of logistics involved. This can be time-consuming, from ensuring hassle-free delivery to easily tracking your package.

A remote e-commerce assistant with experience working in the e-commerce industry will be able to make sure you take care of your logistics.

Social Media Management

As a small e-commerce business proprietor, it’s hard for you to ignore that most online stores now operate on social media – such as Instagram and the Facebook Marketplace. It’s a great way to showcase your products, communicate and interact with your audience and naturally attract new customers.

But, it should be noted that each social media platform works differently, using its algorithms and content style. So, you need to hire a social media assistant who knows the ins and outs of social media. They need to understand what content works best on the platform and the best time to post it to reach the maximum on social media. They will also take care of community engagement and help you connect honestly with your customers.

Email Marketing

While social media platforms are a great way to increase your reach and connect with new customers, email marketing is an old and proven way to ensure that your old, loyal customers are returning to your business.

Regularly sending out email marketing campaigns with new product launches, seasonal discounts, and other promotions is a silly way to keep existing customers hungry for more.

A virtual social media assistant who can group innovative emails with an attractive call to action can help you engage your existing customers.

Benefits Of Virtual Assistant For E-Commerce

Now that we’ve discussed the various areas of your business where your virtual remote assistant can help let’s see why a virtual assistant is a better option than traditional full-time employees.


There is no indication that small businesses are still in their infancy and have little money. Therefore, it will not be possible to hire a full-time employee yet.

Even if the capital is small, there is no way to grow the company if secondary office tasks hold you back. That’s why a Virtual Assistant is a great option for small businesses. They are paid by the hour and additional expenses like insurance, vacation, bonus, etc.


Most virtual assistants already have the skills and experience needed to work in the e-commerce industry. This makes them more efficient and simplifies the setup process.

Also, with virtual assistant outsourcing site, Perfect Virtual Team which evaluate, test, and train their remote assistants, you are guaranteed to find the best talent in your team. In Perfect Virtual Team we not only outsource virtual assistants, also we vet and train the assistants so that they can be of utmost help to bring you profit for your business.


Since most virtual assistants work around the clock, this creates a lot of responsibility. So they need to ensure they have a job to show them every hour they get paid.

Studies have shown that employees who work 9 to 5 hours in an office work only 3-4 hours. In contrast, virtual assistants who choose their working hours work with the highest productivity.

Access To Global Talent

If a positive outcome has emerged from the pandemic, it is opening up opportunities for remote work, which means that companies now have the chance to overcome geographical barriers and work with global talent.

This is especially useful if you work with an international client and need local expertise in your e-commerce team. Having a specific local talent for your industry helps improve the quality of your marketing and content. Plus, it will make you more relevant to your audience.

Grow Your Business Higher

It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to run a company, but who said you have to do it all yourself? We hope Virtual Assistant can help you grow your small business and enjoy this list of things to consider when expanding your team.