Focusing on Design is Easier Now: With Interior Design Virtual Assistant

Interior design: When business and artistry converge.

As an industry, the interior design business is slowly growing, but that does not mean that the responsibility of the interior designers has been reduced. On the contrary, the growing number of interior designers in the industry means that the number of clients will also increase. It can be interesting to see your creative work grow. But, you can think of a virtual assistant for your interior design company.

About 25% of all interior designers are self-employed, which means you are not only doing creative lift but also doing bookkeeping and administrative work. As a creative business owner, it isn’t easy to balance technical and administrative tasks. Running a business in an interior design industry can be the least creative thing you can do and add to all the busy work; from phone calls to bookkeeping, you have a lot on your plate. You will find that there are not enough hours in the day to complete everything.

Let the virtual assistant take care of the busy work.

You don’t become an interior designer sitting at a desk all day answering emails. The business of an interior designer is to provide the client with an amazing living space and an aesthetically pleasing floor plan. You risk falling apart if your busy schedule lasts longer than your creative work.

A virtual assistant can help you eliminate the growing pains of your creative work by managing your projects and administrative tasks. For example, a skilled remote virtual assistant can answer your emails, handle bookkeeping and finance, answer calls, communicate with current and potential clients, schedule appointments, and manage travel and accommodation arrangements. They can also get and buy products for you.

You can appoint a virtual assistant to handle your marketing if you are a freelance interior designer. Skilled remote assistants in social media marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can copy beautiful ads and websites. If you run a regular blog or newspaper, your virtual assistant can pick and write the perfect copy to send to your audience.

Virtual assistants can also interact with key partners, contact designers, photographers, curators, and more. The virtual assistant can handle all the coordination between your customers and suppliers, so you don’t need to do it.

Are you still busy? Give design work to your Virtual Assistant!

With all the business elements sent to Virtual Assistant, you can focus on what matters most to you: Design.

But what if you have taken a day off? What happens if an emergency arises or if you’re simply tired? Or maybe you’re still tired and need to outsource some more work.

Virtual assistant for an interior design company

Design-savvy virtual assistants can also help you with the technical side of your work. For example, virtual assistants can create 2D and 3D rendering, create concept designs and inspiration/mood boards, edit photos, draft floor plans, or tell you if your design is aesthetically pleasing.

Finding the right virtual assistant for an interior design company

Appointing the perfect virtual assistant for your interior design company may seem more work than anything else; Who has the time to find a remote virtual assistant while designing and financing a dream home? But, if you’re overwhelmed by customer calls and product requests, it’s time to find a virtual assistant to help you run your business. But where to start? Well, the assistance firms to hire one have you covered.

Don’t worry about spending valuable time on your job listing or interviewing virtual assistants. Perfect Virtual Team has specific virtual assistants for any of your needs. We will also connect you with a virtual assistant with a lot of experience and design knowledge so that you can relax knowing that whatever you entrust is in good hands.