How Do You Measure Digital Marketing Campaigns?

As consultants embrace digital marketing, tracking this activity becomes more important and challenging. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube have their metrics, as do websites, newspapers, and podcasts.

We will give you a Marketing Metrics Scam Sheet to make this easier. Then, we will suggest one or two key metrics that are the most important for each component of your approach.

We must also mention that these metrics should not be pulled out manually. Instead, you can focus solely on analytics by using a marketing dashboard to automate data collection. Programs like Salesforce’s Datorama or Google Data Studio work well with many others. Here are our recommendations on the best way to measure your digital marketing.

Measure your posts on Facebook and LinkedIn

When you post on Facebook or LinkedIn, you want to know how many people are watching and how many people are participating. It helps you identify the most effective topics and formats. For example, if you find that your market comment posts are spoiled, but your profile pictures are getting good engagement, it helps you plan your content mix for the next month. Here are the main metrics to follow:


This measures the number of people who see your ad at least once. Low reach is not just a sign of a small follower base but also of bad content, which can limit your reach.


On Facebook, it includes likes, love, care, haha, wow, sad and angry. On LinkedIn, it’s just a choice. This is the most obvious sign on any network to see if your audience engages with your content.


It is considered different from likes in terms of algorithms when someone comments on your post. It weighs more and tells the algorithm that your content is more widely spread.

Analyze Full Facebook and LinkedIn

Anyone’s position does not measure success. Instead, you must measure your total efforts. It means followers, total reach, total engagement, etc. Over time, you create an audience that engages your post and reaches you when you need it most. Here are the main metrics:

Total Followers: 

These are your audience, whether they follow your company’s LinkedIn Page or your Facebook Page. This is a good indication of your overall success in that network.

Monthly Follower Growth: 

This represents the monthly follower growth. This number can rise or drop depending on your content and efforts to build followers.

Monthly Reach, Comments & Comments: 

This is the total number of posts in a given month.

Count your digital ads

Digital advertising is measured by purpose. Finally, to create brand awareness and gain leads, you need to categorize yourself differently. Fortunately, this works well between LinkedIn and Facebook.

Awareness – 

Cost per thousand impressions (CPM) –

CPM is the cheapest goal in which you are just trying to make people aware of you and your ideas. CPM tells you the cost of reaching 1,000 people.

Cost Per Result-

When someone comments on your post. Commitment comes in many different forms. These could be link clicks, video views, or any other actions. In such cases, you can check the cost per rating point (CPR) and the desired outcome.

Conversions Cost Per Lead- 

Some leads come in a variety of forms. This could be a lead captured on Facebook, LinkedIn, or even a conversion on your website. Either way, it’s best calculated as the price of the lead.

There is an essential point in all of this. Some people need specific results before starting a new content or advertising project. This usually prevents them from the trial and error required to see digital marketing success. We prefer to do the activity first and then find the trace second. Likewise, it is best to exercise first before measuring its effect on your body. Getting started is the only way to find out what works!