Is A Virtual Assistant Really Required For Your Therapy Practice

If you run a thriving private practice, you know how hard it is to find any free time. As a result, you must be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. You might consider finding a virtual assistant for your therapy practice, but what do you need to know about this approach before hiring someone?

Let us find out the pros of hiring a Virtual Assistant to assist you in managing your Therapy Practice.

Who Is A Virtual Assistant?

Over the past decade, virtual assistants have become an integral part of the online business world and the Internet. A virtual assistant can be alternatively called a contractor who remotely works to manage other people’s businesses, letting them make more profit while charging each customer less. In addition, they can help you with simple, complex administrative, clerical, and accounting tasks.

Tasks That You Can Outsource To A Virtual Therapy Assistant

It’s great to use a virtual assistant, whether it’s for a few hours a week or regularly. Assigning unexpected administrative and time-consuming tasks will help keep your methods running smoothly. Here is a list of functions that can be easily outsourced to Virtual Assistant:

  • Book and manage appointments
  • Receptionist
  • Public administration
  • Fill in the information
  • Research
  • Travel planning
  • Create content
  • Graphic designing
  • Customer Care
  • Email handling
  • Accounting and Bookkeeping
  • Social media handling

Virtual therapy assistants can help relieve stress, but they might not suit every duty. For instance, if you need to develop a good relationship with a key client, you must handle it yourself. When you want to create some important material that requires very specific knowledge, you should ensure that the necessary training in your organization is dealt with by someone instead.

How Much Do Virtual Therapy Assistants Charge, And What Are Their Working Hours

Payment rates can vary greatly. A Virtual Therapy Assistant can charge anywhere from $ 1 per hour to 100. This difference is often due to the actual location of the virtual Assistant. Many live and work in the Philippines or India but are still available to help business owners in the United States. They usually charge much less than anyone in the United States, largely because their living costs are low. When considering the salary for this role, consider what compensation you will pay to someone in the office and put your number on it.

Working hours will also vary greatly depending on a person’s current workload. For example, a more experienced virtual assistant may have less time to spend with a new client, and you may need to think about how many hours per week you need depending on the work you need.

Way Of Hiring Virtual Assistants Through Service

Of course, if you are working through an existing service, you will find it much easier to find and hire a virtual assistant later. Perfect Virtual Team is such virtual assistant service provider where we research for you and examine the person to determine their eligibility and credibility. We also provide various solutions and contact professionals in a specific field. If you use recruitment services, keep in mind that they charge a commission on individual pay rates, which does not differ much from the total cost. 

Why Use A Virtual Assistant?

Hiring a virtual assistant might be a good time if you’re ready to unload some of the work you’re avoiding. Below are some reasons had been discussed to understand the utility of VA.


You will find that you cannot increase your therapy practice because you are limited to administrative or clerical work. Virtual Assistant will help you improve efficiency by eliminating many repetitions or common tasks. In addition, you can use Virtual Assistant to open up more possibilities and give you space to breathe.

To save money

If you cannot get the right pitch, you do not want to be frustrated, so invest in an expert. The Virtual Assistant will acquire the necessary skills on its own and be ready to bring them to the table. If they can “start work on the ground,” you have to give extra time to the new employee, which is an additional expense.


Your new virtual Assistant can provide you with the skills you need, thus filling in the gaps in your organization. In addition, to reduce your costs, you can increase or decrease your needs or outsource more work quickly if needed, which can be a challenge for an on-site employee.


Sometimes it can be helpful to have a virtual assistant living in a different time zone. For example, you can outsource a task when you check out for the day, and it can be completed by the time you get to work in the morning. You have reached maximum functionality if you have a project requiring instant results.

Cons Of Hiring A Virtual Assistant

Hiring a virtual assistant can reduce stress when managing therapy practice, but it is important to be aware of your challenges.


Sometimes a VA is very busy and can work with many different clients. However, they will have to manage their time effectively and may suddenly become unavailable if things do not go as planned.


Your virtual manager may be difficult to communicate with because it is virtual or remote. Sometimes there may be interruptions to the Internet connection, a power outage, or a major storm (common in the Philippines). You cannot complete an important video call when you tap.


While most virtual assistants are reliable and trustworthy, there is still a risk associated with data security. If you want to share sensitive information, ensure you thoroughly check your Virtual Assistant before proceeding.


The Virtual Assistant is, of course, an independent contractor. However, if they cannot handle the demands of your growing business for personal reasons or if they run the risk of running away from any engagement.

Over To You…

Many people running a private therapeutic practice or considering opening it can appreciate the input of a virtual associate. Therefore, it is advisable to onboard a virtual assistant weighing the advantages and disadvantages of keeping one to improve your practice.

Large companies hire accountants to manage finances, but most small businesses cannot afford accountants. So hiring a professional virtual bookkeeping assistant can be a great option for small business owners.

Managing a business alone is very difficult and time-consuming. The good news is that there are virtual accountants to keep you stress-free.

“Behind every successful businessman is a great accountant.”

A professional virtual bookkeeping assistant will help you keep your finances up to date and allow you to focus on the professional tasks you need to grow your company. They will work remotely for you.

Find out the benefits of outsourcing virtual assistant bookkeeping services and how they can help you financially.

Benefits of a Virtual Bookkeeping Assistant for Your Business

Virtual bookkeeping has never been in high demand. The growth of a company depends on its financial record keeping. With the help of cloud accounting, your accountant can easily access virtual bookkeeping services. Here are some of the most important benefits of a Virtual Accountant job:

  1. No late payments

Suppose, you are constantly late for payments. In this case, the Virtual Bookkeeping Assistant will help you take care of your receipts for lenders and suppliers. They will also have a keen eye on checking your balance to keep the business going. In addition, a Virtual Bookkeeping Assistant helps you with your billing, fulfills requirements, returns, tracking, etc.

  1. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Key Performance Indicators measure how effective a function is in your business. KPIs are used for understanding a company’s financial position, such as the income statement, cash flow statement, and cash delivery schedule. The virtual bookkeeper manages these three reports. The virtual bookkeeping assistant’s responsibility is to enter everything in the book and ensure that all records are up to date.

  1. More time for you

Of the many benefits of a virtual bookkeeping assistant, the most vital is that he/she helps you get plenty of me-time. We all know that financial management is a time-consuming task. That’s why you should consider hiring a virtual accountant who allows you to focus on core business tasks rather than bookkeeping tasks. This burden is not right for you and your business, so hiring a virtual accountant to handle your accounts is best.

  1. Sources of income

As your business expands, your customers will also increase. Unfortunately, this will make it difficult for you to manage different customer accounts yourself. So a skilled virtual assistant in bookkeeping will help you manage various client accounts using different software that can easily tell you how important they are to the business.

  1. Structured financial statements

Organizing financial statements is the key to business success. Therefore, the company must keep financial records. Virtual assistants will help you maintain and manage your company’s financial documents understandably. This information will help you build a better future for your company.

  1. Tax preparation

The complexity of tax law is increasing every year. With each change of rules, the demand for bookkeepers to help businesses keep their financial records neat, file tax returns, and save time is high.

The IRS does not provide an extension for tax payments. So calculating your taxes and making sure you pay on time is a nightmare for any business owner. But if you don’t know how to calculate your taxes, this is a nightmare. Virtual bookkeeping assistant knows the most used tax preparation software, and it will help you pay your taxes. In addition, he will make sure you are up to date with the amount to be paid.

  1. Economical

The most important advantage of hiring a Virtual Bookkeeping Assistant is cost-efficiency. They save you money in terms of

  • You pay for the work they will complete.
  • Since they work remotely, you don’t have to spend on office supplies, additional staff benefits, pensions, etc.
  • You don’t need to provide laptops, WiFi, etc., to the employees.

  1. Legal issues

It is tough for a proprietor to keep up with new tax rules and regulations. Not updating these rules can be a big problem for you. A virtual accountant on your side will help you keep track of these rules and keep you updated. They also comprehend better by reading and conveying the details to you.

  1. Financial Services

It is important to keep clear business records. Virtual Bookkeeping Assistant helps you with financial services such as:

  • Account Services
  • Management of purchase and sale orders
  • Business plan development
  • Financial management
  • Bill-tracking
  • Invoicing
  • Company buying and selling management
  • Profit and loss statement
  • Bank statement
  • Cash flow analysis

  1. Salary service

Employing a virtual accountant makes managing payroll easier than ever. The accountant keeps tabs on basic data, so you don’t have to measure your payroll services constantly. In addition, he/she helps you create payroll tax reports that accurately measure your company’s position.

  1. Audit list at the end of the year

The biggest advantage of a virtual bookkeeping assistant is that you don’t have to worry about year-end adjustments. End-of-year accounts require someone with significant experience in managing accounts.

The virtual bookkeeper will help you create reports, correct errors, fill out balance sheets, fill in profit and loss statements, and coordinate numbers. This detailed thinking leads to a more accurate business picture.

Frequently Asked Questions for Virtual Bookkeeping Assistant


  1. Which business is suitable for virtual bookkeeping?

Companies that pay taxes are candidates for virtual accountants. Every business needs to maintain financial resources; if you are a growing business, updating your finances is essential for your company’s growth.

  1. What are the responsibilities of a virtual bookkeeping assistant?

Basic bookkeeping tasks include creating balance sheets, ensuring your bills are paid on time, creating invoices, helping to create year-end reports, maintaining financial statements, sending payment reminders, and more.

  1. I don’t know anything about bookkeeping services. How do I know which virtual accountant to hire?

Choosing the right bookkeeper can be challenging, so outsourcing companies like Perfect Virtual Team can help you find the right virtual bookkeeping assistant for your needs.

Last Thoughts

We understand that: In the early stages of business growth, your budget is low, but if your company does not know the benefits of effective bookkeeping, you risk compromising your efforts to grow your company.

A virtual accountant’s role is to remove the corporate accounting burden. So hiring qualified bookkeeping experts will help you ensure that your books are completed on time and accurately.