Points To Consider While Hiring a Virtual Assistant For Property Management

If you are a property manager and looking for a way to free up more time to focus on the essential aspects of your business? Then, a Virtual Property Management Assistant might be the perfect solution. And A virtual assistant can take care of many tasks that distract you from your work, such as scheduling appointments, answering tenant inquiries, and managing social media.

By assigning these duties to a virtual assistant, you can focus on growing your business and expanding your customer base. A virtual assistant is a professional who can simplify your property management business.

Who is the Virtual Property Management Assistant?

Virtual assistant for property management is a remote employee who provides property manager support services. VAs usually operate online, which means they can be located anywhere globally. As a result, they don’t need to commute to your office every day; unlike in-house employees, you may need to make office space for them.

Technological advances have made it possible for many people to do their work without geographical restrictions. A virtual assistant needs a computer, an internet connection, and related skills to do the job. From there, they can work their magic and help you take your business to the next level. Besides this, you have to direct the proper instructions and deadlines to the assistant.

VA Property Management vs. Internal Employee

Several key differences exist between a VA for property management and an in-house employee. The most obvious difference is that help desks work remotely, while in-house employees work in your office.

Moreover, there are other major dissimilarities between the two. Virtual assistants are usually more affordable than hiring an in-house employee, and they’re also more flexible. You can rent a VA for a one-time project or ongoing basis, depending on your needs.

With an in-house employee, you are tied to a long-term contract. Besides, you have to give them office space, equipment, and other resources. Paraprofessionals are also independent contractors, not employees. Therefore, you are not responsible for their taxes, health insurance, or other benefits. In contrast, when you hire an internal employee, you are responsible for these things.

While hiring an internal employee has its benefits, such as having someone in your office to interact with, a virtual assistant can be a more cost-effective and flexible solution for your business. A great alternative for you if you want to outsource some of your property management tasks.

What tasks can a VA perform for property management?

A real estate manager can delegate a VA with various tasks, from administrative to marketing-related. Here are some of the most common tasks that virtual assistants can perform for property managers:

Social Media Management:

 Property management virtual assistant can help you create and post content on social media, interact with your followers, and run social media ads.


They can organize appointments, presentation, and repairs.

Tenant Communication: 

A virtual assistant can manage your tenant communications by answering phone calls and emails.

Preparing the lease: 

The VA can help prepare lease contracts and other legal documents.

Data entry: 

The VA can do data entry for you by entering information into your property management software.


They can help with your marketing efforts, such as creating and managing your website, creating marketing materials, and conducting market research.

Where Can You Get A Virtual Assistant For Property Management?

You have different options for hiring a VA to help with your property management tasks. However, the wiser choice is to work with a virtual assistant company like Perfect Virtual Team. Here we take care of everything, from helping you find the most suitable person for your needs to setting it up and managing it.

When you hire through Perfect Virtual Team, you can rest assured that the individual has been vetted and is a perfect fit for your job. You’ll also have access to a team of professionals, rather than just one person. This can help you to expand your operations further.

A virtual assistant company is also less risky than hiring from a freelance virtual assistant website. This is because, with a VA, you have a contract that protects both parties. But with an independent VA, you may not have such protection, which could lead to problems in the future.

 Property Management virtual assistant can do a lot to help your business run smoothly. They can handle many non-essential tasks, from social media to marketing to data entry. Working with a VA outsourcing service guarantees that you are getting a high-quality individual that is a perfect fit for your business.