The Life-Saving Power of Virtual Assistants For Small Businesses

How VAs can help small businesses stay open from their first year

There are not enough hours in the day for many entrepreneurs to grow a business. The US Bureau of Labor claims that 20% of small businesses fail in the first year, half-close before five, and only a third stay open in ten years. Could the recent trend of hiring virtual assistants cause small businesses to fail?

Small businesses are turning into virtual assistants

Time is the only essence for small business owners more than anything else. Subsequently, more and more entrepreneurs are reclaiming these valuable assets by hiring virtual assistants. Virtual assistants handle administrative tasks from remote locations – sometimes halfway around the world.

The technology capable of supporting remote work has been around for years, but pandemics and global shutdowns have accelerated this trend. As a result, the acquisition of virtual assistants by outside agencies is expected to increase by 41% in 2020, according to a survey by Nanoglobals.

Entrepreneurs need to be entrusted with menial tasks

Every small business owner starts with a goal and a vision. Unfortunately, everyday tasks are preferred over long-range planning. Successful entrepreneurs can quickly eliminate the nitty-gritty to focus on the big picture.

Remote virtual assistants, such as Perfect Virtual Team can complete any job that does not require certification or physical presence. They take care of administrative tasks, including answering emails, phone calls, accounts receivable, accounts payabledata entry, and scheduling appointments. In addition, they handle transactional operations, transaction coordination, leadership management, and follow-up leadership in sales. He also manages technical projects such as SEO, social media, graphic design, web design, social media management, and video editing.

Many small business owners get stuck trying to do all this. Influential entrepreneurs assign trivial tasks to competent assistants and devote their time to strategic planning and growth.

Virtual assistants give small businesses time-saving skills

To the needs of small businesses, the virtual assistant market specializes in catering. In addition, VAs specialize in various technical skills, including marketing, bookkeeping, accounting, copywriting, social media, and human resources.

Goodleaf says, “My virtual assistant, Jane, is great.” I can go all day without touching the keyboard. If I tell you something, I’ll put it on my to-do list, guaranteed. “

Most small business owners start by assigning administrative tasks to their virtual assistants. They are comfortable with ditching duties like email correspondence, data entry, and scheduling. And with the development of partnerships, virtual assistants are becoming increasingly integral to running a business.

Virtual assistants provide part-time or full-time financial support for small businesses

Entrepreneurs usually know they need help but are reluctant to hire full-time, stay-at-home employees. Tax requirements, employment contracts, and benefits packages can be dangerous for a new small business entrepreneur. Many agencies that hire virtual assistants manage these hurdles for small businesses.

Since starting a small business is a financial investment, many small business owners are not in a position to retain employees within the company during the initial critical years. Fortunately, virtual assistants offer a charming solution. “

Starting a small business is not easy. While there are challenges for aspiring entrepreneurs, the virtual assistant has become the answer for many. The high-quality help enables small business owners to assign trivial tasks and focus on significantly high valued tasks.