Virtual Assistant For Hotel Business: 15 Reasons Why You Should Hire Them

As hoteliers and hotel managers, today managing a hotel business is tough than ever. Between running the day-to-day operations, finding an additional source of income that ensures the hotel makes a profit, and constantly monitoring what the competitors are doing, 24 hours is not enough to get everything done without fatigue. In addition, especially trying to handle online presence like TripAdvisor, Facebook, Twitter, and OTA! are even tougher.

You will need outsourcing at this point. We have a pretension that we are exceptional and can do everything on our own; running your hotel this way is not sustainable. It would be best if you have grown your team. However, hiring additional staff can sometimes be costly.

Hiring a Virtual Assistant (VA) is a unique way to lighten your workload without spending much on the payroll. A virtual expert is someone who works for you but is not physically present in your office. Several outsourcing sites like Perfect Virtual Team provide a large pool of talented Virtual Assistants, and due to the difference in currency, you will get more service per dollar you pay. Maybe you will save 75% or more in salary if you hire a Virtual Assistant from the Philippines or India versus hiring from the US.

Content is kingWell, that’s what a lot of internet marketing professionals advocate. They say that local, original, and relevant content helps get a better search ranking and attracts the targeted traffic to your hotel website. VA has many duties, including writing useful articles for the local market and responding to reviews. In addition, bringing a person on board can increase traffic and bookings on a site (at a reasonable salary).

Still not convinced? Here are 15 reasons to take advantage of the global outsourcing boom and hire a virtual assistant.

1. Time is Valuable

Every task needs some dedicated time. However, it would be best if you did not waste time doing mechanical functions as a hotel proprietor or manager. Instead, you must engage in a high-level strategy directly affecting your hotel’s revenue. Then, you can offload these automated tasks from your board to the virtual assistant and focus on more productive tasks.

2. Timely response to the opinions of the guests

Once you guide your virtual assistant about your hotel, and once they are given the basics of responding to guest reviews, the VA can regularly monitor travel review sites and draft responses to guest reviews that you can approve. This is important given that more than 50% of travelers said online reviews significantly influenced hotel booking decisions. Therefore, responding promptly to negative and positive considerations is important, and a VA can give you this advantage.

3. Promote your blog

Let’s face it. Nobody has enough time to write blog articles every day. But content marketing is very important to boost your hotel’s online presence. Find a VA with extraordinary writing and research skills and include him to write at least one blog article per day in his daily assignments. A constant stream of quality content is a surefire way to attract more guests and keep interacting with previous guests.

4. Optimize your online content

Hotels have many content materials spread across online channels – your site, guides, OTA listings, etc. It is always important to have up-to-date content; your VA can do this due to good writing skills.

5. You can appoint on an hourly basis or full-time

You can choose according to your requirement. For example, you don’t have to outsource someone to work full-time, but when necessary, you can easily switch from a part-time employee to a full-time employee. In addition, you can appoint a virtual assistant according to your current needs and upgrade or downgrade from there.

6. Sharing more on social media

Many travelers use Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other social networking sites in their travel planning. In addition, some customer services are also carried out via social media. Having a virtual assistant will ensure you can respond to guest posts on social media on time. In addition, this means that your social accounts are always updated with new content since there is a dedicated person to deal with these sites.

7. Constant monitoring of competitors

You have to remain informed about what your competitors are doing. Doing an online audit of what your competitors are doing is easy, but it consumes time. Your virtual assistant can do this and provide you with an executive summary of what other hotels in your class are doing in sales and marketing.

8. Better reputation management

Today, negative reviews spread like wildfire, and most of them go undetected. But, before you know it, one bad review can explode into a complete crisis. Get VA means having eyes and ears on the internet that constantly monitor, post, and alert you to negative comments about your hotel.

9. High awareness of industry trends

As a hotel owner or manager, part of your job is to keep abreast of the industry’s latest trends. Industry events are the best places from where you can get the updates. An expert virtual assistant can complement this by reading online industry articles and publications and linking you to summary and actual resource content.

10. Reduce work stress on your employees

Many hotel managers or management team members constantly work hard because they have a lot of work. Being a VA doesn’t mean you have to manage your workload more. You can outsource tasks to reduce the workload of the hotel management team. Ask this person to do weekly, repetitive tasks for you.

11. Increasing customer loyalty

Most hotels cannot create brand loyalty among their guests because of the lack of following. With the VA on your team, you can create and send emails to your guests and ensure they are constantly engaged.

12. Hire now, get started now

When you hire someone to work in your hotel, you need to make sure that the new employee has a computer that they can use. Your HR department has to draft the agreement, and you will have to invest in extra expensive equipment. This can take a long time. With a virtual assistant, he already has everything he needs to work. You can hire today and delegate tasks to your VA tomorrow.

13. Increase customer support

Being a VA means having extra people on your team to inquire about customers and solve customer problems. Therefore, sound education and alertness, and dedication are most required.

14. Work-life balance means more efficient employees.

The rule of thumb for reducing returns is simple – there will come a time when the competency and productivity of your employees will be completely reduced due to exhaustion. Having a VA can reduce the amount of overtime your employees have, which helps them balance work-life. And you know what they say; a happy employee is a good employee. Being a VA makes it possible for “real employees” to balance their work-life.

15. Different virtual assistants, different features

Another great thing about hiring virtual assistants is the diversity in terms of specialization. Some people can write, some people can sell. This gives you more flexibility in bringing in new team members based on your hotel’s current needs.

If you run a freelance hotel, you can’t match the HR capital of major assets and hotel chains. Outsourcing sets the playing field by allowing you to bring exceptional talent from around the world at a minimum of a part of the hiring cost of someone in the office.