You Can Delegate 12 Functions To Your Virtual E-Commerce Assistant

When you started your e-commerce store, you probably weren’t expecting to spend hours answering customer queries, producing copy for online ads, and tracking orders.

Scaling up your store becomes difficult if you spend 90% of your time on menial tasks.

You are an entrepreneur with a vision, and it is best to spend your time focusing on business growth. But the truth is that you have to deal with many administration tasks if you want your online store to be successful. This is where the virtual e-commerce assistant comes in.

Working with a VA who specializes in e-commerce will save time for you. It will also ensure that your web-based business functions seamlessly satisfy your customers. In addition, virtual assistants are experts at multitasking and handling those jobs that you don’t have time for or don’t enjoy.

Responsibilities That You Can Outsource to a Virtual E-commerce Assistant

Virtual e-commerce assistants do more than manage your emails. They have a wide range of competencies that greatly benefit running and expanding your online store. There are many moving parts to functioning a web-based store. For example, they are making and upgrading listings to attain orders. In addition, you have digital marketing, customer service, bookkeeping, sourcing new products, and more. You can offload all of these things to an efficient virtual e-commerce assistant.

Let’s deep dive and see how hiring an experienced eCommerce virtual assistant can benefit your eCommerce business.

  1. E-commerce Virtual Assistant For Sourcing Products

So, let’s say you’ve started an e-commerce store selling industrial coffee makers, and it’s been doing just fine. However, you hear that the more products you include in your catalog, the higher your chances of making sales. On the other hand, potential customers are more likely to leave your site if your choices are limited. What if you also sell espresso and coffee grinders, spare parts for coffee machines, hot water dispensers, and coffee mugs besides coffee machines?

It would be best to find quality suppliers to offer more products in your e-commerce store. However, this can be very tedious and time-consuming. The virtual assistant can aid you with all the new products. Give them a list of new product ideas, and they’ll get to work finding the best suppliers in the industry. They will even handle communicating with the supplier to achieve a fair partnership without working yourself.

2. They Can Perform Store Management Tasks 

Administration. Just the word makes every e-commerce business owner shiver. Unfortunately, administrative work is a pivotal cog in online business management. There are always little tasks that pop up unexpectedly during the day that you must deal with. In addition, there may be some things you’ve been putting off due to insufficient time. These things will be taken care of by your Virtual Assistant.

If your Google Drive becomes a disorganized mess or your email inbox hits thousands, it’s only common to say. “I’ll deal with that tomorrow.” But when you’re running an e-commerce business, tomorrow will never come. Your e-commerce virtual assistant can organize things for you, optimize your operations, and handle any other administrative tasks you can’t get around.

3. Virtual E-commerce Assistants Can Create Online Stores

Why have one e-commerce store when you have two, three, or ten? Creating online stores takes a long time. You must upload all your products, customize the layout, install plugins, insert and format the copy, etc.

Moreover, setting up a website requires more than hiring a web designer and a copywriter, as both have very specific expertise. But, again, the virtual assistant can do this for you; With VA, you can continue expanding and opening new stores without adding to your workload.

4. The Virtual E-commerce Assistant Handles Orders

Fulfilling all orders according to your customers’ expectations is one of the most important aspects of running your e-commerce store. Customers expect to receive the right product as advertised and at the right time. If they don’t, you will likely receive a bad review and lose any business in the future.

The virtual assistant can focus on fulfilling these requests as soon as they arrive. With VA, you can focus on higher-level tasks like analyzing common items and which items you’re having trouble moving around.

5. They Can Set Up And Monitor PPC Platform Ads

You will not sell any products if the target market does not know you exist. Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is the best way to put your e-commerce store on the map and show your products to the people most likely to buy. However, creating and running pay-per-click ads is only half the battle. You need to monitor it constantly to see how it performs and improve accordingly. This sounds like a job for VA! The virtual e-commerce assistant can set up your pay-per-click (PPC) ads on different platforms and monitor metrics. Your VA can change the PPC ad spend or change targeting according to its performance.

6. E-commerce VAs Can Create Store Listings 

To continue growing your e-commerce stores, you must constantly add new listings. This is because the best customers come back. If you want to sustain your loyal customers, you must introduce them to your new products.

The procedure of listing new products is simple, but it is time-consuming. Each new product must be uploaded separately, including prices, product descriptions, images, etc. An expert e-commerce virtual assistant will have no problem building store listings for you, so you can start selling more products quickly.

7. They Can Also Be Utilized For Updating And Deleting Lists

You might have commodities in your online store that you expected to sell well, but they don’t convert. There are two options. First, you can stop selling the item altogether. Second, you can update the list to see if you can make it more attractive. You can outsource any of these tasks to a virtual assistant.

8. The Virtual E-commerce Assistant Handles Email Marketing

Email marketing is more effective regarding ROI than search engine marketing and social media. To convert leads into customers, a strong email marketing strategy is mandatory. If visitors enlist for your mailing list, it means they are already interested in your products, and it provides you with a way to continue communicating with them.

Having your virtual e-commerce assistant take care of your email marketing means that you can maintain a consistent connection with your leads. It is known to all that stability is everything for the smooth functioning of a trade.

9. They Can Back Your Social Media Marketing Efforts

Research has shown that 4.55 billion people around the world use social media. Therefore, there are many people in the market. However, having a social media channel is insufficient to keep your e-commerce store on the map. As with email marketing, if you want to use social media effectively to market your business, you need to be consistent.

If potential customers come to your social media profile and see that it is inactive, they will lose interest and trust. So, in addition to just posting on your feeds, you must use strategic hashtags, engage with followers, and reach your target audience.

Having a virtual assistant handle your social media marketing will enable your business to publish quality content and stay active daily. In addition, this will build authority in your e-commerce store and help drive traffic.

10. E-commerce Virtual Assistant Can Monitor And Track Orders

For your e-commerce product to be within reach of your happy customer, you must stay on top of demand. You may be the liaison between the supplier and the customer or send the products yourself, but it is up to you to monitor orders no matter what process you take.

A customer can inquire about their order status, for which you have to share the tracking details. Monitoring and tracking orders help you build a good reputation as a business, but this is not something you should spend your time as a business owner.

Assign this task to a virtual assistant who can monitor all orders to make sure they reach your customers on time. The virtual assistant will know any problem or delay of the order and can reciprocate the same to the customers.

11. They Can Act As Your Customer Solution Representative

Have you ever found yourself ready to buy a product online but only need to answer one small question before clicking pay? Unfortunately, this is a common problem most of us encounter, and our buyers will likely face a similar plight. Even if you comprise a chatbot feature on your website, it’s too late if it takes 48 hours to get back to potential customers. 

If prospective customers want to buy a particular product, they want to buy it now, not tomorrow. If a competitor offers better customer service, your potential customer will choose them instead of you. Quickly responding to inquiries is part of good customer service, as is communication after purchase. If a customer has an issue with an item, such as it arriving damaged, they want to fix that problem.

96% of customers say customer service is one of the most important things when choosing which store they want to buy from. However, it is unrealistic to think that you can instantly reply to every customer email, call or chat request because you will always be busy with other tasks. But an e-commerce VA can be available 24*7 to react to consumers in real-time. If you have an international store, you can even have a VA in a different time zone to respond to messages while you sleep.

12. E-commerce Virtual Assistants Can Handle Records and Accounting

You do not want someone to purchase a product in your online store that you no longer have in stock. Therefore, keeping up to date with inventory is unimportant and will save you a lot of trouble. In addition, you will know when you want to order more merchandise or communicate with suppliers to check inventory. The Virtual Assistant can check in frequently with suppliers or monitor your list to ensure you have the product in stock if someone wants to buy from your store.

In addition, the virtual e-commerce assistant can handle the bookkeeping aspect of your business. Costs, profits, and taxes are part of running an online business, but they will not push your trade to achieve bigger and better things. So you focus on other business activities and let the VA do the bookkeeping.

Over To You…

As your e-commerce business grows, it cannot be easy to deregulate tasks you can handle independently. But as soon as the work starts, getting some help will be essential for the success of your business.

By hiring a virtual e-commerce assistant, you can increase customer satisfaction, increase sales, and increase the reach of your online store.